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Colds, Flu, Viruses?  While they last...Get our popular ceramic Himalayan salt-filled Salt Inhaler for only $19.99 + $11 shipping


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Salt Lamps
Salt Lamps have a similar effect to an air purifier. Removing airborne bacteria, dust, allergens, smoke, odors and mold spores. They emit no noise, odors or HARMFUL OZONE... Click Here
Himalayas Salt Puffer Inhaler
Salt Puffer New Compact Inhaler!
100% Natural Respiratory Supplement with No Side Effects...Benefits Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis, Smokers, Hay fever & Allergy sufferers... Click Here
Edible Gourmet Salt
The purest, cleanest, unprocessed, hand mined salt is the most complete salt available. No environmental pollutants, and more than 80 minerals & elements found in your body... Click Here
Fine Himalayan Bath Salt
Deodorant/Cleansing Crystal Salt Bar: The healthy alternative. They are not processed in any way. Carved from natural chunks of Himalayan Salt Crystals... Click Here

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       VIDEOS: Himalayan Salt Products (Left). Jay's miraculous recovery video (Right) Download our Brochures for more information

Jay, referred to Himalayas by a friend, was diagnosed with Hantavirus. Doctors told him to go to Hospice & Die. Himalayan Salt changed his life!

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