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Enterovirus, Ebola, Colds, Flu, Asthma, Norovirus & other respiratory illnesses are all in the news. We're often asked what a person can do to protect their body and even reduce the symptoms from these serious ailments. The answer is simple...We recommend the same protocol (list below) that we used for our friend Jay, who contracted Hanta-virus. He was told by doctors that he only had a few months to live (over two years ago). Jay credits Himalayan Salt for saving and greatly improving his quality of life.  Sadly, the CDC refuses to share his success with other patients.

1) Place a Dark Himalayan Salt Lamp in the bedroom to remove airborne particles (add more rooms as you can afford it)

2) Begin taking Sole (so-lay) a Trace Mineral Supplement which greatly aids our immune system.

3) Use either our compact Salt Puffer Salt Inhaler or our Ceramic Salt Inhaler (On Sale Now) to clean the Respiratory system.

4) Stop using man-made White Salt. The trace minerals have been removed and our body has great difficulty processing it.

5) Drink plenty of good quality water & get good sleep to help your body repair & rejuvenate. Dehydration leads to many illnesses.

Our Respiratory Combo Package contains all these God-made Himalayan Salt products (which match our body chemistry)  for only $99

Frequent, thorough, hand washing is highly recommended to prevent and protect from virus transmission.

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Jay, referred to Himalayas by a friend, was diagnosed with Hantavirus. Doctors told him to go to Hospice & Die. Himalayan Salt changed his life!

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