Pink Himalayas Salt Lamps and Salt Inhalers
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Rare Dark Salt Lamps for Bedrooms, Salt Inhalers & Himalayan salt.  Always the Best Quality from TheSalt!
Learn how to get effective, natural relief for Asthma, Allergies, Snoring, COPD, Chronic Cough, Headaches, Acid Reflux & more using
Pink Himalayan Salt, Salt Lamps, Salt Inhalers & Himalayan Trace Mineral Supplement (SOLÉ).
A very skeptical couple bought one of our rare, dark salt lamps recently, just because it looked great and they were intrigued. The husband & wife both quit snoring that same night when they used the salt lamp in their bedroom. The wife said her husband, who normally wakes 2-3 times per night, slept through the whole night too! The next day, they drove back (100+ miles round trip) to buy two more of our hand-crafted, salt lamps.
We're passionate about our products & love to teach people how to reduce or even overcome their health challenges...Healthy Blessings, The Salt Lady

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Salt Lamps
Air Purifying Salt Crystal Lamps kill airborne bacteria & mold spores while also cleaning the air of dust, allergens, smoke & odors. They emit no noise, odors or Harmful Ozone.  Choose your Color: Light, Medium or Rare Dark Salt Lamps for Bedrooms (Most get relief from Snoring, Asthma, Allergies, COPD & more)...Click Here
Himalayas Salt Puffer®   Compact Himalayan Salt Inhaler...Breakage Resistant...Proudly Made in the USA!
Natural, Fast & Effective Relief for Asthma, COPD,  Allergies, Chronic Cough & more with No Side Effects (See our Respiratory Combo Package). Learn more about the Benefits of Himalayan Salt for Respiratory Conditions...Click Here
Discover the Best Tasting, Purest Table Salt with No Additives (Fine or Coarse grinds) SOLÉ (so-lay) Natural Energy Supplement Balance pH Levels with Over 80 Trace Minerals & Elements that match our Body Chemistry (Natural Electrolytes) which also aids in Cell Hydration...Click Here
Deodorant/Cleansing Salt Crystal Bar - Kills the Bacteria that Causes Odor (Underarms & Feet). Himalayan Salt Scrub - A Natural Exfolient (Face & Body). Bath Salt - Detox (Whole Body or Foot Bath). Softens Skin (Great for Skin Conditions)...Click Here

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       VIDEOS: Himalayan Salt Products (Left). Jay's miraculous recovery video (Right) Download our Brochures for more information

Jay, referred to Himalayas by a friend, was diagnosed with Hantavirus. Doctors told him to go to Hospice & Die. Himalayan Salt changed his life!

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