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Watch Lily, the founder of Himalayas Salt Lamps & More, on FOX NEWS from 2009. This news story was the result of a newsperson getting results using Himalayan Salt Lamps for Allergy relief.
CUSTOMERS ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT THEIR SALT LAMPS! Doctors, Respiratory & Holistic Therapists now recognize the benefits of Salt Lamps & Salt Inhalers.
Unfortunately, many doctors were never educated in the efficacy of Himalayan Salt in the treatment of many health conditions. Check out our Testimonials.
Hello, my name is Lily Neff, founder of “Himalayas Salt Lamps & More,” with my husband Ed. We are the largest distributors of Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps and Salt Inhalers in Arizona. Ed was a medic for over 20 years and we have been using Natural Health Alternatives for over a decade, helping people with Natural Solutions to their challenges.
In 2004, I was introduced to Himalayan Salt Lamps. It was Love at first sight! I purchased a few salt lamps and my skeptical husband’s sinuses cleared and he quit snoring the first night. I too, received relief from my allergy symptoms. As an entrepreneur, I knew this was a business I could be Passionate about! After all, this product is an artifact, millions of years old, an Ancient Energy from our Primal Oceans, where life began, and it helped people naturally. They’re actually a piece of Art that’s beautiful in anyone’s home or office. These Salt Crystal Lamps last forever, with no noise, cleaning or filters to change. They’re very affordable, and definitely less expensive than a man-made Air Purifier! Our Himalayan Salt products have given profound relief & benefits to our customers, as their testimonials have shown.
As our passion grew, so did our Quality! Our salt lamps are hand mined from the foothills of the Himalayas. We purchase directly from the mine in huge quantities to keep our costs down and pass the savings to our customers. With a love for our product, my husband and I actually hand process each and every crystal to bring out its natural beauty and sheen (It took a lot of experimentation). It’s a time consuming process and lots of extra work, but the quality is noticeable and our customers love the end result. Our repeat and referral business tells it all.
In the Himalayan Salt business since 2004 (we began with art shows on weekends), we opened a retail store at Mesa Riverview in 2007. In January 2010 we were blessed with a new store in Downtown Mesa, which I call a “Museum of Salt.” Here you can visit our Therapeutic Salt Cave, with lighted Salt Tile Windows and a lighted Salt Tile Floor designed & built by Ed. You can choose from hundreds of unique salt lamps from 5 lbs. to over 300 lbs., One-of-a-Kind Salt Shapes, Chandeliers, and can sample our tasty Himalayan Gourmet Salt! Our store is the pride of loyal customers who want to share it with their out-of-state visitors & relatives. We offer vibrant, Natural, Sunset Red-Orange hued salt lamps that are extremely rare. These are best suited for bedrooms, for a soft ambient lighting, which is not disturbing while sleeping.
We have also established a relationship with many Physicians, Respiratory & Holistic Practitioners which refer their patients to us. We love to educate new customers about our products and recommend Natural Solutions for their well being. Dr. Oz has recently begun to recommend Himalayan Salt Therapies for symptoms from Asthma and other respiratory ailments to Acid reflux. We were one of the first retailers to offer Salt Inhalers in the U.S. and also produced the Salt Puffer salt inhaler which is made in the USA.
Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at OneStopSaltShop@cox.net or call us at 480-615-2700 for any questions you may have. We offer free consultations for those that are unsure of their needs and we only recommend the minimum amount of products to help solve your health challenges.
Breathe Easy, Sleep Better!
Lily & Ed Neff

Thank You for Visiting Himalayas Salt Lamps & More® Himalayan Salt!

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