The Salt Lady has the Best Quality Himalayan Salt Products direct from the mine including Rare Dark salt lamps for bedrooms

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Get Amazing Results with The Himalayas Salt Puffer a compact Himalayan salt inhaler. 

Developed after years of research & feedback from thousands of customers. Proudly Made in the USA!

How do yo get all the benefits of Himalayan salt? With our Respiratory Combo Package. It contains:

Dark color (for bedroom) air purifying Salt Lamp (kills bacteria, removes airborne dust & triggers that cause breathing problems) +

The Himalayas Salt Puffer (reduces inflammation & cleans the respiratory system) +

SOLÉ Trace Mineral Supplement  (detox and remineralize the body w/over 80 trace minerals & elements)  +

Himalayan Bath Salt (for detox) or use as table salt (great flavor)

New Discovery! Himalayan Salt use (Respiratory Combo Package) results in Miraculous Recovery for Hantavirus (HPS) victim. VIDEO

We use a special process (our secret) to make your salt lamp look amazing!

Customers often tell us, "I've never seen Salt Crystals like yours!"

Improve your Quality of Life with the benefits of Himalayan salt. Lily ~ The Salt Lady



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