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How can I contact Himalayas Salt Lamps & More® Himalayan Salt?

You can call us at 480-615-2700 during regular business hours or email us at onestopsaltshop@cox.net.

How do I know my transaction will be safe?

Our online shopping cart and security technology ensures the safest and most reliable checkout experience for our customers.

How do Salt Lamps clean the air? What are the benefits of Salt Lamps?

Salt Lamps are hygroscopic and natural dehumidifiers (attract moisture). That’s why in humid environments, salt lamps will drip salt if they don’t have the proper wattage bulb heating the salt and drying the moisture. Through this process, the salt lamp kills the bacteria & mold spores that are bound to the water molecules in the air (salt is a natural anti-bacterial). The heat from the salt lamp (should be warm to the touch, with the proper bulb) causes the air to rise (convection) and the whole process continues. A byproduct of this reaction is the emission of negative ions caused from heating the salt and its reaction with the humidity. These ions naturally bind with the excess positive ions (usually dust, allergens, odors, etc.), become heavier than air and drop harmlessly to the ground. That’s why the area around a salt lamp shows very little dust and salt lamps never need cleaning. Yes, dust & allergens accumulate on the floor, but they are no longer airborne for us to breathe or absorb. Try this experiment: See where sun rays come through the widow of your home (normally you see dust particles floating in the sun rays). Now, with a salt lamp lit near those sun rays, the dust will be absent or highly reduced in those rays. Stand next to the rays & tap your shirt. You will see the dust float from your body & enter the sun rays but they will almost immediately drop to the ground. We love to show this to customers in our store and that's why we only dust our store every 2-3 months. Salt Lamps benefit everyone, especially those with respiratory conditons, by removing the dust, allergens, bacteria & mold spores that trigger these conditions. People with Asthma & COPD normally feel better when living near the ocean (from the salt air) and is the reason Salt Mines or Salt Rooms have such a profound effect.

NOTICE: We are getting calls from people that have purchased or received gifts of salt lamps from various cheap retail outlets. Many have had recalls due to fire hazards (sparking electrical dimmer cords & sockets). OUR COMPANY HAS NEVER HAD A RECALL (10+ YEARS IN BUSINESS). WE ONLY USE THE HIGHEST QUALITY COMPONENTS. We do not sell our salt lamps with dimmer cords.

What size lamp should I purchase to give best results?

A rough rule of thumb is

Small lamps cover  8-10 ft. radius.

Medium lamps cover 12-15 ft. radius.

Large lamps cover 15-20 ft. radius.

Hotel Rooms: Small to Medium Salt Lamp

Pet Rooms: Small Salt Lamp (removes odors and dander)

Smoking Rooms: Medium Salt Lamps (no more lingering odors)

For optimal results in large rooms, a couple of lamps can be strategically placed throughout the room. You can never have too many Himalayas Salt Lamps.


The Best Salt Lamps at Competitive Prices

Each of our salt lamps is hand processed by us to bring out the beauty of the salt crystal. Discount retailers don't come close to our quality.

Customers often exclaim our lamps are the best looking they've ever seen.

I Have An Electronic Air Cleaner/Ionizer, Why Do I Need A Salt Lamp?

Salt Lamps are natural and produce no harmful ozone and have no side effects.

Do you own an Ionic Breeze air purification system? You may want to consider shutting it off. Many of our customers owned these machines thinking it would help with their conditions, only to find their health deteriorating. Search on the internet and you'll find many people became very ill using these man-made machines that produce ozone. Ozone is a known detriment to those who suffer from Asthma & COPD.  The Sharper Image sold these units and has been sued for causing health problems but decided to go bankrupt instead of facing their liabilities.

Electric air purifiers require regular cleaning of the filters & many other man-made air cleaners produce ozone. Salt lamps never need cleaning.

Salt Lamps add beauty to any room & many people buy them just for their attractiveness. Fung Shui decorators often use them to balance a room


As long as they are not immersed in water (it is salt and will dissolve). You will never have to replace your lamp.

It's best to leave lamps on 24/7 for optimal results but to store them for long periods, wrap in plastic or use a large plastic zipper bag.

If turned off or the bulb wattage is too low in humid climates, a salt lamp may sweat as they are natural dehumidifiers.

My Lamp Stopped Working (Sinuses plugging up at night again or Snoring resumes)

We get these calls often, usually from customers with light-colored lamps.

Our 1st question is, "Did you put in a low wattage bulb to decrease the brightness of your lamp?" The response is always, "Yes"

Remember, Salt Lamps need heat to activate negative ion production.

Your lamp should be warm to the touch. Also your lamp may sweat without the correct bulb in high humidity areas.

Don't overheat your lamp to the point you can't touch it. They can tolerate over 500F degrees, but you can't!

We are the only retailer that offers Rare, Dark salt lamps consistently. We give you choices of light (bright), medium & dark colors.


At any hardware store or Walmart & other retailers

Home Depot sells ceiling fan & appliance bulbs (short C-7s that look like nightlights) in 15w sizes.

Walmart carries petite chandelier torpedo shapes in 15w (similar to what we provide)

Small and Medium lamps (4-10 lbs) use any 15 watt candelabra base.

The large lamps (approx 11-20 lbs) use a 25 watt bulb.

Bigger Lamps (20-200 lbs) require 40-60 watt bulbs

Your lamp should be warm to the touch. If not, Step up to the next higher wattage.

If your lamp sweats or drips salt water, increase bulb wattage to the next higher range.

Ultra-Rare dark salt lamps, in high demand, are usually available on our website.

Can't find bulbs locally? If ordering other items by phone, ask if we can ship additional bulbs in the same package.


They do not get dirty or dusty. However, if they have been turned off or stored you can periodically wipe with a damp cloth. (Unplug first)

When lamp is not in use (turned off) and they are in a humid environment they will sweat, place something under lamp (placemat or coaster), to prevent damage to furniture.

You may also store it by wrapping in a plastic bag to prevent further sweating.



Regular table salt is a poison for humans. Our body can't process it correctly which sometimes leads to Gout, Arthritis, and other ailments. Himalayan Salt is the best salt for the human body. No anti-caking agents, no preservatives and is full of the same trace minerals found in your body. That is why it works for so many symptoms (headaches, acid reflux, leg cramps) and actually aides in detoxifying. Many people with high or low BP have had their pressures normalize once they switch to Himalayan Salt. We've actually had people call or come into our store thanking us and crying because of the profound effect this salt has had on their body. It is truely nature's gift to humans.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We provide Free Consultations for those looking for health alternatives that work.

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