Over the last 10 years we have helped thousands of people improve their quality of life. Read the Testimonials of patients with Asthma, COPD, Allergies, Arthritis, Migraines, Acid Reflux and other conditions that have realized the benefits of Himalayan Salt, Salt Lamps and Salt Inhalers. Need help? Call me. Lily ~ The Salt Lady.

Customer Phone Call: A new customer called to thank us for explaining the benefits of Himalayan Salt and giving her relief. She had purchased the Respiratory Combo Package last week after sharing her medical condition. Symptoms included: Chest Pain, Labored Breathing and Persistent Cough for the last several months. Doctors had treated her with multiple medications that were not working and she was frightened at what her illness might be. She was amazed how fast the Himalayan Salt products worked to clear up her breathing, with no more coughing or pain in her chest. She said she is now sharing her story with everyone!

I am one of the most skeptical people you might ever meet. Well I bought a Salt lamp and some Salt rocks for the Sole you take every morning to see if it might help as I have very bad Sinus problems and Arthritis with lots of pain. Well, much to my surprise, and may I say a very welcome one, my pain is very much improved most of the time it is at least 70% better and I have not had problems with my Sinuses getting infected since I have started taking the Sole. Also, the Salt bath bar, which my Grand Daughter uses and loves, helps with her zit break-outs.- Mary - Seattle,WA

Lily, Thank you for helping me choose which salt lamps to get, they're all so beautiful. The peace and comfort the Dark Salt Lamp brings my mom is worth every penny. I wish I would have ordered from you first, instead of the other company. What a difference in quality! Now I'm sticking with you for all of our Himalayan Salt needs. Thanks for offering such wonderful products with excellent personal service! Claudia R.

My family and I were on vacation in Mesa from Seattle and were staying near Himalayas Salt Lamps & More. We saw the sign stating that salt lamps could relieve Asthma and Allergies which my daughter and I both have. I could not wait until the next day to go and check out what could help us both breathe better! I was diagnosed with asthma and have been using an inhaler for 29 years and my 10 year old for eight years. Typically I use my Ventolin inhaler 2 puffs 4-6 times a day and my daughter uses hers about 2-3 times a day.

We went to the Himalayas Salt Lamps & More the next morning and met Lily, The Salt Lady, who was extremely informative and told us the benefits of the Salt Puffer which we purchased. My daughter and I puffed on it throughout the entire day and that same day we went to a horse farm where there were dogs and neither one of us needed our Ventolin inhalers. This was the first time we were around animals and did not need our inhalers since a lot of the time our allergies can trigger our asthma symptoms.

I took one day off from using the Salt Puffer while on vacation to see if it was a fluke and could feel my shoulders and chest tighten and needed to use my inhaler.

The Salt Puffer is AMAZING! I will be purchasing another one for my daughter so we don't have to share Janae'- Seattle WA

My 6 year old has chronic bronchitis and has had pneumonia 2 times this year. She was diagnosed with a respiratory disease and coughs a lot especially at night. We got our lamp yesterday, plugged it in and for the first time in a lonnnng time, a peaceful sleep! Thank you so much Salt Lady! xoxoxox!! Liz Gonzales

I was diagnosed with asthma in 3rd grade. I had trouble breathing & would use an inhaler daily. I had to use an emergency inhaler and a breathing machine. 3 years ago, my parents heard about the salt lamps & how they help with breathing and some medical conditions so they decided to get me one for my birthday. After the first week I was breathing better, so we got a salt inhaler along with 2 more salt lamps for other rooms. Now, as a high school freshman, I am very pleased to report I no longer have or need a breathing machine or any inhalers! We've recommended the salt lamps & salt inhalers to family & friends...these salt lamps are great! I'm now in a marching band and haven't had any trouble with my breathing! I highly recommend the salt lamps & salt inhalers. Meghan - Mesa, AZ

Product Review for the Salt Puffer. Natural asthma and allergy relief...For mild asthma symptoms, Himalayas salt puffer seems to act more as a preventative measure, rather than giving me instant relief like my prescription inhalers do. With that said, if you suffer from severe asthma attacks, you should consult your doctor to determine what asthma inhaler is best for you. I use the Himalayas salt puffer almost everyday to prevent oncoming asthma attacks and quite honestly it is very effective as a preventative solution very much like what a steroid inhaler is used for. Read the full review atwww.arizonafunoutdoors.com/product-reviews.html

Omar visited Himalayas today...He's a truck driver and commutes from LA...He stopped in to inquire about the Salt Inhalers, I recommended the Salt Puffer because it is compact, breakage resistant and is as effective as our original salt inhaler. He was purchasing for his 9 yr. old son with Asthma. Then he told me he had been coughing for several weeks because he worked in a warehouse with poor air quality for 6 hrs. and his chest hurt to even breathe. I suggested he use the Salt Puffer he had just purchased for his son. Omar agreed and started using it. He instantly got relief, his chest was not tight and did not hurt when he breathed. Wow! we were both impressed! He left amazed and said he would check in when back in the area.

I purchased a Salt Puffer from Lily Neff from Himalayas Salt Lamps & More today at the AZ Holistic Living Conference and have not coughed once since using it. I have suffered from a deep cough for over two weeks and the drugs and herbs I have been taking were not helping. Thank You, Lily, for bringing this to the world! Sandy Rogers

Gave a Salt Puffer to my brother who has Downs and was in the hospital with pneumonia. He hated using the lung exercise gadget the doctors wanted him to use. Instead he gladly used the Salt Puffer. The doctor said he was surprised with his speedy recovery. Plus he keeps it in his pocket for when he gets a cough. I've used Himalayan type salt inhalers for years whenever I'm coming down with a cold. I used to get strep & colds that would settle in my chest for a month (no colds in 8 years). The Salt Puffer is a big improvement since it's compact and easy to clean with a removable mouthpiece, without removing the salt crystals.E.N. Mesa, AZ

Jay, a retired law enforcement officer, contracted Hantavirus, a normally fatal disease especially in the later stages. Jay's doctor referred him to Hospice to live out his remaining days. Fortunately, someone referred Jay to us. He couldn't walk without gasping for air. Within minutes in our Salt Room, he was breathing better. We suggested he use the same products that we use for COPD & Asthma patients, a Salt Inhaler & Brine solution with a salt lamp. His friends are calling his recovery miraculous. Jay never went to Hospice or used his new electric wheelchair. He says people should at least have faith & try the products to see if they work for them. Jay has now been symptom free for 4 years and has greatly improved his quality of life. J.M. Mesa, AZ

Dear Lily, I want to thank you for all your personal assistance in choosing the salt lamps and other products which benefit my individual needs. The salt lamps, which I have all over the house now, have truly made an impact in clarifying the indoor air. I keep all the windows closed and just let the negative ions do their job. As a result, my asthma symptoms are totally gone. I've been using inhalers for nine years and find they are no longer needed. In addition, I use the salt inhaler to maintain excellent respiratory integrity. When I go out, I'm no longer bothered by all the odors everywhere and the motor vehicle emissions which were so debilitating before. My husband had a terrible allergy attack one day last month while weed whacking tumbleweeds in our yard. He was in such great distress with difficulty breathing that he almost didn't make it into the house. I wanted to call 911 and get him to the hospital, but he refused to go, so I gave him my salt pipe to use, with one puff from my left-over inhaler and a Benadryl tablet. As he used the salt pipe, his breathing became easier. He used it for a full 20 minutes and the emergency resolved. We still have tumbleweeds all over the neighborhood and around the house, but now that we know he is allergic to them, he is using the salt pipe twice a day to prevent any more emergencies. Lily, I believe that with the wonderful information you provide, along with the salt products that you sell, you are providing healing to many people. From what I've observed at your booth in Prescott, I know this to be true when I've listened to people talking who have come back to purchase additional salt lamps. I've been back 4 times myself. I now have 8 salt lamps in my house and never turn them off. They are so beautiful, that they have become fabulous accents as well as life-saving products. Lily, you have great charisma. Thanks for the hugs! Sincerely, Christine R. - Paulden, Arizona

I am a Huge Skeptic. When my wife told me the salt lamp might help with snoring, I told her I didn't believe it. The first night with the salt lamp in the bedroom, I quit snoring. I was shocked! Normally my sinuses would plug up at night and I would wake myself snoring. I now sleep through the night with the dark salt lamp and I don't have to sleep on the couch any more. Even our dog quit snoring! I also noticed less dust on our dark furniture and the sun rays coming in the window are clear. Ed (AZ)

My name is Istvan (Steve) Balogh. I consider the day, my luckiest day when I met Lily and bought the Sole crystals to make brine solution from her. After I started taking the salt it eliminated the arthritic pain in my joints in about 24 hours and has kept me pain free ever since. I wish I could have found this salt before I wasted over $700.00 on acupuncture. Steve B. (Arizona)

I noticed an increased amount of energy when I started taking the Himalayan Salt Sole about two hours after drinking it. Normally when 11:00 am rolls around, I'm ready for a nap. Now, nap time doesn't even come around at all. Also, I'd like to mention that a wart I had on my right arm for the longest time, started to get smaller within two weeks and completely disappeared within four weeks. Thanks...T. Nunez (Arizona)

I have been using Himalayan Salt Sole for a couple of months now, this product is awesome. It gives me energy and has helped me with the pain I have from Fibromyalgia. I honestly didn't believe that "salt" could give you energy and take care of pain like this. I recently joined a fitness center and have been able to do Cardio workouts which I havn't been able to do for several years because of the pain in my joints. Thanks Lily!! Cathy (Arizona)

I sent the Himalayan Salt Sole to my mother in Denver, Colorado who is 72 years old. She started using it a couple of weeks ago and told me that it has not only given her energy but she thinks it has helped her with pain she has had with arthritis. She is recovering from a total Knee replacement, and according to the Dr., is recovering in Record Speed!! She also uses the brine solution to help with dental/gum problems she has had and said, "This stuff works better than the $40 prescription mouthwash that I usually have to use." Thanks to Lily for showing us what a great product this truly is. Cathy’s Mom (Colorado)

Until I purchased a salt rock lamp, I was getting up every morning with a headache. Since I have been using the lamp, I arise every morning minus a headache. My daughter also purchased a lamp and has been headache free every morning since using the lamp. It has been absolutely wonderful!! Rita E. (Scottsdale, AZ)

My wife and I were skeptical buyers. But we liked the looks of the lamps and decided to try one and bought it for our son. Over the weekend, we plugged in one lamp in the front of the house and one in our bedroom. The first morning, I woke up and I remember thinking,"Wow! The room smells so clean!" Over the next week, my snoring significantly went down and my wife's allergies and sinuses improved daily. We have owned the two lamps for a month and we both sleep better, we have less sinus congestion and wheezing and our allergies are greatly reduced. Now, we have bought 2 for our son (since we kept the first one we bought for him) and sent two to our youngest son. We definitely believe the salt lamps are improving our health. Thanks Lily! Duane M (Arizona)

I have been living with COPD for the past few years and have found great benefits by using the Salt Inhaler. I have tried many traditional medications and always return to my Himalayan Pipe, much to the dismay of my doctors. Thank you so much Lily! Larry Kurth

Hi there, I purchased your salt lamp for my migraines and was doing so well that I came back to purchase one for my Great room. My neighbor came to my house to ask for a Tylenol for his headache and he sat next to the lamp having a conversation and within 5 min. his headache was gone! I left one of my lamps in DC with my grandson who suffers from asthma, so I am now in need of another lamp for myself as I don't want to sleep without one. Thanks Lily for the introduction to the salt lamps. Sandra Stith (New to the valley from New York)

Lily, We bought 2 lamps at Compadre Stadium last weekend and love them. I would like to buy another one. Is it possible to buy products from your home? I am the respiratory therapist that spoke at length to your husband at Compadre. I teach respiratory therapy at Apollo College and am very interested in your salt pipe inhalers. Thanks for your products. Karen Sun Lakes, AZ

Hi again Lily, I have talked to the student using the salt pipe [severe asthmatic] and she tells me she has not needed her Albuterol inhaler very often and is much improved. My son has not had as much of a problem this spring either. He is still taking his Advair which I suggested he take once a day for a week and then see if he can maintain without it. My friend works in a call center for Caremark on computers and is getting more migraines. I thought a small lamp in her cubicle could reduce electro-smog. What do you think? I also now have the Water and Salt book and am reading it for the second time. Hope all is well for you and hubby.Karen - Sun Lakes, AZ

At Litchfield Park a week ago Sat. we bought a lamp for a birthday. We liked it so well we want to buy one for ourselves and possibly another for our friend. She has Parkinson's and says she is feeling better!!!! Thinking if she could have one in each room, it would be great! When would be a good time for us to come to get one or two? Thanks! The Waldrons Scottsdale, AZ

Hey Lily, I love the lamps that I got from you at the Home Show today! I need a couple more, though. I'll give you a call soon. All the best, Don Johnson Arizona

For all those who doubt the benefits of this product, let me enlighten you! I am a 31 year-old woman that works in the medical field who has suffered from migraines since I was 16. Since placing salt lamps throughout my home, I no longer make monthly visits to the neurologist, nor do I use narcotics to get through my attacks. I was still suffering from mild headaches at work, so I got a lamp to take to work with me. I placed it next to my computer on my desk and now have NO MORE HEADACHES AT WORK EITHER! The lamps have also helped with the general health and well-being of my family. I have three children, two of which have asthma. Since the lamps have blessed my home, there is no use for inhalers or SVN machines. One of my children has ADHD and I refused to put him on medication, and instead I chose to put a lamp in his room. The change in behavior was amazing, and to this day he is ADHD medication free. I am engaged to a great man who had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. He refused to have a lamp in the bedroom. After a while, I won that battle, and now he sleeps throughout the night. The change in behaviors, health, and well being has improved beyond words since I was introduced to the power of these lamps. I would never live without them again. The lamps are incredible, the air is so clean and fresh, and I no longer suffer from chronic sinus infections. The air in my home has been changed in such a way that two of my children no longer have allergy symptoms. One of them was on daily Zyrtec and we now don't even have a prescription for that anymore. Thank you Lily! Jennifer Ontiveros Mesa, Arizona

Lily, Just a quick note to let you know the lamps look great and my wife loved them. Thanks for all your help picking them out. Russell Silver Syosset, NY

Hi Lily, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me breathe again!!!! I have bronchial asthma and every night I wheeze, but not anymore since I purchased the Salt Crystal Lamp, it is so wonderful. I bought my daughter and my son one too. And now my Mom wants one too. I just want to thank you again. Pattie (Arizona)

LILY, I must say your salt lamp in my bedroom has made such a difference in my breathing! I have Emphysema & Asthma from smoking for 40+ years (4 packs/day plus my pipe & occasional cigar). I have two inhalers which I took 2 puffs each, 3 times per day plus oxygen. Since getting my lamp I still use my oxygen, but I only use my inhalers 2 to 3 times per week now! I am so thankful I discovered this Himalayan Salt. C.W. (Prescott, AZ) Note: C.W. has recently added the Salt Pipe to his daily therapy and has reported that it is easier to cough up the "junk" in his lungs and feels he is breathing better. He definitely recommends the combination of the Salt Pipe and Lamp for those suffering from lung problems.

Hi Lily, The lamps have arrived and I love them. I have been using the salt and it has a completely different flavor. I'm sure you will be hearing from me soon with another order. We are leaving soon for England, but when we get back Linda and I plan to decide the schedule of fairs that we want to attend. Hope to see you. Thanks so much,Peggy

Hi, My mom let me use a sample of the salt mask that you had. I would like to purchase some, but don't see it on your website. I used it twice and it has completely cleared up my acne...I love it! How do I order and how much does it cost? Thank You, Shelly

Greetings Lily,
I received your incredible care package and was stunned to find all of my treasures. Thank you so, so very much. I am just over whelmed with your generosity. I love the salt lamp. It immediately went in my Wolf Den (personal healing space) near my computer to clear the air and energy within that room. Gretchen and I are taking the brine salt water daily. I could feel an immediate shift in my energy when I took the first spoonful. It is amazing, indeed. I feel much better since starting the brine salt water. My energy level was the first thing I noticed that increased. I have such chronic fatigue most of the time. I am on the road to recovery. Again, I am so appreciative of your wonderful help and generous nature. Is there anything that I can do for you? I would be honored to assist you in any way. I believe in giving back and sharing with one another. I am just a phone call or email away. Please remember that Lily. Let's stay in touch when you have the freedom. I will see you again soon. I have 3 -4 more large salt lamps to purchase from you and also more salt stones for brine water, etc. I will be connecting again with you soon. My best to your husband as well. Many Blessings to you and yours, Lone Wolf Banks ARIZONA

Lily, I enjoyed talking with you at Art in the Park. I purchased a salt pipe and lamp for my son. (my friend Mindy purchased the same for her daughter) My son is doing sooo much better! He had been sick for a month with allergies which triggered his asthma. He was using the nebulizer 3-4 times per day for the last few weeks and since Saturday, when he used the salt pipe for the first time, he has not had to use the nebulizer at all. I am so glad my friend and I walked into your booth and had the opportunity to visit with you. Depending on how the week and weekend go, I may come down to the show in Patagonia to see you and purchase a pipe for my husband and father-in-law and a lamp for my daughter, whose nose was bent out of joint because she didn't get a cool lamp. Thank you for your time and information! Michelle DeSplinter - Sierra Vista, AZ

Hi Lily, I just wanted to thank you again for allowing me to come to your home and purchase my 9 salt crystal lamps. Then there is the three more for my neighbor who already had four of her own, and I am thinking of purchasing some more. I will see you at the 5th Avenue October festival in Scottsdale. Remember, I bought one XX-LRG for the living room, one Med. for my room, one Med. for my sisters room and the rest are gifts. What happens when the gift ones leave?? My neighbor thinks the lamps are absolutely fantastic!! She has been battling a muscular degenerative disease for many, many years and feels they have really helped her energy and thought-processing levels tremendously. I immediately noticed improved sleep, less congestion, and a feeling of well being. My fur children (poodles) seem more calm, which reminds me of how wonderful your fur children are, not to mention your lovely daughter, and very helpful husband. That was quite a load he hauled out to my SUV. Hope to see you soon, and thanks so much again. Carole Dellorfano (Arizona)

Hello, I am a nurse and a massage therapist, and I work out of a chiropractor's office. I had the privilege of meeting you at the art fair last week in Scottsdale. I bought a salt crystal lamp and various other products of which I am now enjoying the benefits here in Michigan. I have been taking the Sole for a couple of days and I feel great. No specifics, just an all over great! Thank you, Lynn Sabbagh, RN, NCTMB. (MICHIGAN)

I purchased one of your medium lamps in Prescott, AZ at the square, and I love it! My allergies and sinuses are so much better and it maintains such a warm feeling! Thank you! Sincerely, Abby N. (ARIZONA)

Dear Lily, My Arizona friends gave me a salt lamp and I ordered the pipe. You asked when we talked by phone that I let you know how the salt pipe was working out with my COPD. I'm convinced that it helps. The only other thing I use is a Combivent inhaler once a day during Missouri's hot sticky weather.or when I'm walking a long way. An asthmatic friend borrowed the information you sent me on the lamp and the pipe, he lent it to an interested co-worker from whose desk it disappeared . Could you please send me at least three copies? Wilma Hill, satisfied customer.

Hi Lily; Just wanted to let you know the 3 lamps arrived safely. They are all beautiful! I decided to keep the extra large medium for me....it is in my bedroom and looks gorgeous. I put the clear 15 watt light bulb back in the one I bought while in Prescott, and moved it to my media room where it looks great casting a soft white glow. I can now get the wonderful benefits of the negative ions while relaxing to watch my favorite movies and shows. Thank you so much for sending the terra cotta bulbs and spray information. You are right about the color. It is perfect for the meduim color lamp in a bedroom at night. Also, thank you for the tea-light candle, I have that in my office so I can get the benefits while I work in there. Your extra attention with my order is much appreciated. I couldn't be happier! All the pieces are great! Now I just need to wait until Christmas to give my daughter and baby Mikaela their lamps...Its a toss up whether I will be able to wait that long... Thank you again for providing such great service and wonderful products. Best Wishes, Sue Wood

Hi Lily, Thanks for the lamps. They're beautiful and I love them. I didn't try the sprays or the bath salts yet but will let you know when I do. Wanted to see if I can order 6 more mini lamps. The light colors are fine. Thanks again. Joanne

Hi Lily - Just wanted to let you know I love my salt lamp! I have had it in my bedroom for over a week and there's no dust on the furniture! I also feel like I can breathe better! Hope to see you at the show in Cave Creek October 26-28 - I'd like to get another. Hopefully you'll have the little bowls too. Thanks, Sandy

Lily, Just to let you know the large one arrived and has balanced my living room. They are all so lovely. My entire house now is in the twilight zone, living room, all the bedrooms and the computer room all have their very own lights. You can tell people how thrilled Montana is to have found your store. Thanks again. AL

Lily, I will be giving you a call early next week. The lamps have been such a hit up here. I will be ordering two more small dark and two more small mediums. They make the greatest night lights for small children. My son and daughter-in-law are so pleased with theirs. It is such a soft relaxing glow. They both feel it adds a great deal of warmth and serenity to the house. Until later,Sandy

Lily, After my wife Pat told me about the Salt lamps, and how they made her breathing much better, I looked over the information she brought home with her and gave it some thought over the weekend. On Tuesday of the next week, she again started telling me we should at least take another look at the lamps. My first impression was to make her a happy camper, take the chance, and go over to the store to see for myself. Now after getting into the store speaking to Lily, she told me how pleased she was and how they felt better, breathing easier than before. I bought one for the living room, one for my office and one for our bedroom. Now for the first time in many years, getting up this morning, no headaches, my nose was not plugged up, and I could breathe much better. Having one in my office helps too. Having this Salt Lamp for only twenty four hours is great. My wife can finally have relief of breathing and without drainage from coughing up flem. This is one product I'm happy to own. Robert & Pat - Queen Creek, AZ

Robert & Pat were on FOX NEWS, telling their story about how the Salt Lamps have changed their lives and they will never live without them. Watch the News Broadcast on our About Us page

OMG...I just received my first stone from you...(was sent all the way to Wisconsin...in perfect condition by the way)...It is spectacular...love it...love it...love it... Definitely will be ordering more...Can't wait to visit your store in person ...thank you for having such a lovely product...how about a store in Wisconsin? HAPPY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR...Thank You Beverly Padgett, Kenosha, WI

Bought 2 salt lamps and a salt inhaler today. After 10 months of coughing I've now been silenced. Awesome product and very unique store with a "salt" room...I could have gone to sleep in there. Kelly Halverson

Lily, Thank you for helping our friends out last night, he spoke highly of you when he came over last night. Pat was pleased with the light you picked for us, It looks good in our living room but most of all, we can breathe much better. Thank you, Robert & Pat

I had mold in my house from my basement flooding. For months I suffered from open sores all over my body and doctors tried everything (lotions, medicated creams, pills, steroids, etc...) I started taking the sole brine solution and put 4 large salt lamps in my house, the sores healed almost immediately and I could tell the air in my home smelled fresh again. Thanks Lily! K.K. (AK)

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Respiratory Combo Package

Respiratory Combo Package

Small, Rare Dark Color Salt Lamp (for Bedroom) + The Salt Puffer Salt Inhaler + Sole (Trace Mineral Supplement) + Table/Bath Salt. For All Respiratory Conditions (Asthma, COPD, Allergies, Cough & more)
$155.00 $125.00
Sole Brine Trace Mineral Therapy

Sole Brine Trace Mineral Therapy

(So-Lay)Natural Energy Trace Mineral Supplement Appox.(3) month supply. Used to balance Energy, pH & Respiratory symptoms. SOLÉ is included w/Respiratory Combo Pkg.
$35.00 $24.99
The Salt Puffer Salt Inhaler

The Salt Puffer Salt Inhaler

The Salt Puffer Inhaler has helped thousands with Respiratory conditions. Compact, Breakage Resistant & Easy to use...Just Breathe. Our most popular Salt Inhaler. Himalayan salt included. Refillable. Wholesale pricing available for retailers.
$49.99 $25.00
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