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The Himalayas Salt Puffer® is a patent pending, respiratory supplement Made In The USA! Compact for Pocket or Purse, Easy to Refill & Clean and Breakage Resistant. Designed after years of feedback from thousands of customers. It's simply The Best Himalayan Salt-Filled Inhaler available.

100 % Natural Therapy has proven to be of major benefit to Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Hantavirus, Bronchitis, Hay Fever & Allergy sufferers. It also helps overcome stuffiness, persistent coughing, shortness of breath, and congestion during colds, flu and other infections. It also helps neutralize the daily damaging effects of air pollution, dust, smog, and cigarette smoke. Use it during Cold & Flu season to help protect the respiratory system from infection (Himalayan Salt is a natural anti-bacterial)

Unique and Efficient without Side Effects or Drug Interactions

Use 15-20 minutes daily (may be used in 2-5 min. intervals). Can be used more often if desired. May not be suitable for children under age 4 because you must teach kids not to exhale into the Puffer, as it may clump the salt with moist breathe.

Himalayan Salt-filled Inhalers have been recommended by many doctors & respiratory therapists for breathing disorders. Based on Speleotherapy

The 1st salt inhaler was an invention of 2 Hungarians. Both suffered from allergies and asthma and had tried several different treatments until experiencing salt cave therapy (Speleotherapy). It's effective because the salt air cleans and helps heal the irritated and inflamed respiratory system. Traveling to the salt mines is costly and time consuming so many people cannot obtain this treatment. Eventually, they invented a salt inhaler that could replace traveling to the cave. This breathing supplement device is a tiny mobile salt cave in your hand. The substances locked in the salt crystals for millions of years do their job and go down to the most hidden corners of the breathing system on a micro level and aide the body in cleaning the respiratory system.

How to use it
Simply place the mouthpiece of the Salt Puffer into the mouth and inhale normally. Exhale through the nose. Deep breathing, if tolerated, helps to get the active ingredients into the farthest reaches and exercises the respiratory system. Take care not to breathe back into the inhaler as it may clump the salt crystals. You may experience a salty taste at first but this will dissipate with use.

Our Salt Puffer Inhaler is made from the finest quality materials (BPA free) and is filled with Genuine Himalayan Salt which matches our body chemistry. See our Salt Puffer Brochure for more information.

To replicate Speleotherapy in your home, use the Salt Puffer in conjunction with a Himalayan Salt Lamp which aides in removal of airborne particles (triggers for Asthma/Allergies). They work synergistically together for better results. By adding SOLÉ(so-lay)to respiratory treatment routines, many patients have found even greater benefits. See our brochures page for more info. Order our Respiratory Combo Package to receive all these vital components in one package which contains: A Dark Salt lamp for the bedroom + The Salt Puffer + approx 3 month supply of SOLÉ + Fine ground Himalayan salt for table salt or use it for a detox foot bath.

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